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2,152 Stories From the Community

Edie Buffalo, NY

" Surgery was a life changing experience. Instead of being relegated to a life of walking with assistance or worse, I now walk with ease completing tasks which were once seemed daunting."

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Leg Injury/Condition
Vincent Monroe, NJ

"My son Vincent was always a very competitive soccer player, and about 7 yrs old he started complaining of ankle pain. I researched high and low and I was not going to let my son be crippled and in pain . I found Dr Scher at the Hospital for Special Surgery and he worked wonders on my son! He recommended surgery, and while I was afraid , I put my trust in Dr. Scher. Vincent was 10 when he had the first foot done. We prepared for Vincent to be in pain and off his feet for 12 weeks. To our amazement his cast came off in 2 weeks and 2 days later my son was walking!! "

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Foot Injury/Condition
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Mark Locust Valley, NY Shoulder Replacement
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Linda Jersey City, NJ Hip Replacement
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Etrel Bay Harbor Islands, FL Ankle Injury/Condition
Tara Pleasant Valley, NY

"We have been blessed with four HSS doctors. Two years ago our son had a devastating knee injury that carried a high rate of disability. In addition, he developed something called compartment syndrome, which carried a high rate of amputation. Our home-town surgeon had only seen three such injuries in his entire career. He told us our son would be disabled and faced developing early arthritis. As our son remained in ICU, we were warned of his poor prognosis. Then, a miracle happened."

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Knee Injury/Condition
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Carolyn New York, NY Broken Wrist
Renato Huntington, NY

"I came into the hospital for a right hip replacement. I must say that my all-around was wonderful. "

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Hip Replacement
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Bob Saratoga Springs, NY Broken Wrist
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Toby New York, NY Broken Wrist
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Carmine New York, NY ACL Injury
Chris Hillsborough, NJ

"WOW! A common question following surgery from friends and loved ones is, "How are you feeling?" It is very simple, Wow! After an exhaustive search for the right Doctor, I am happy to report that the wait was worth it. Dr. Matthew Cunningham is second to none. Dr. Cunningham's diagnosis was perfect. He spent quality time with me, answered all the questions I had. What impressed me the most was his calm and comforting demeanor. "

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Spinal Stenosis