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Maeve Fitzgerald

Amherst, MA
  • Maeve Fitzgerald in the photo 1
  • Maeve Fitzgerald in the photo 2
  • Maeve Fitzgerald in the photo 3

We knew that Maeve had significant unilateral club foot en utero, and had lined up care for her before she was born. Her first orthopedist attempted a few weeks of serial casting and gave us some "solid" but rather normal shoes and assured us Maeve was "cured." When our pediatrician in Brooklyn examined her at 9 months, she sent us directly to Dr. Scher.

It was clear that Maeve had not made the kind of progress she could and should have. You can imagine the emotions we first time parents felt after having done all that we were told and feeling like we had lost time. Dr. Scher was masterful at helping us catch up and get on a plan while keeping us hopeful and focused.

After another careful round of serial casting under Dr. Scher's care, followed by Maeve wearing her "boots and bar" faithfully over the coming years, you cannot tell that Maeve's right and left feet differ from the outside. And the inner workings of her feet have certainly not slowed Maeve down.

Maeve is an insatiable runner with a gait that helps her outrun even the boys in second grade. She dances, climbs and never stops running. She is more confident in her body than I will ever be. Best yet, she knows that her right foot is quite special "on the inside" but sees no barrier to her dreams.

We can't thank Dr. Scher enough for his technical excellence, wonderful way with us and with Maeve over the years. We owe him a debt that we cannot repay and our endless gratitude is his always.