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Andrew Wolf

West Caldwell, NJ
  • Andrew Wolf in the photo 1

Dear Doctor Sculco,

On September 27, 2017 you performed bilateral knee replacement surgery on me. Thank you very much for all of your time & efforts! You and your team made the entire experience very pleasant & relaxing for me. For the people who had heard horror stories about complications & pain, I can honestly say that everything went extremely smooth & I did not feel any pain! I lived with pain and inflammation for 20 years which progressively became worse until I saw you. You found all my cartilage gone in both knees and deformed with bowing at the knee. I had been living on anti-inflammatories & pain killers for the past 9 years just to get through the day. You have given me a life back that I had forgotten about.

More importantly to me, earlier in June of 2017, you also replaced my daughter Brittany's knee. After an ACL replacement followed by 7 additional surgeries due to infection, my 23-year-old daughter was left with a knee worse than mine & completely bone on bone. Nothing hurts a parent more than watching a child live in complete pain day after day, especially when one cannot do anything to change it. You were an answer to prayers & an angel sent from above. After seeing other doctors who refused to help us, somehow we found you and you saw her immediately. You were willing to take such a young patient that had a bad history with her knee plus having Lupus that others in your profession ignored. Needless to say, the surgery was completely successful with a remarkable recovery! Words alone could never begin to express my wife’s & my thankfulness & gratitude for what you did for Brittany. You gave her back her life! She was crippled by the old knee & you restored her quality of life! Thank you so very very much for helping our family!!!

August 6, 2018:

Dr. Russel Huang changed my life.

After years of powerlifting, heavy construction and arthritis, my lower back had two ruptured discs and my lower spine L5 – S1 shifted forward leaving me in crippling pain. In the year prior to my surgery, I had lost power in my lower legs, sporadic numbing in my legs, burning sensations and the feeling of not being able to control my right foot & pain. In addition to this I walked hunched over and could not walk a city block without stopping twice because of the pain at 51 years old. I was diagnosed with spinal stenosis, ruptured discs, and herniated discs. After meeting with Dr. Huang in January he scheduled spinal fusion surgery for me on February 22. 2018 for my L4-L5-S1, nerve decompression and to realign my lower back.

After 6 hours of surgery ALL my symptoms had been taking away! Aside from the excellent care, professionalism & his expertise, what amazed me the most was his incredible bed side manner. This is not only a remarkable doctor but a remarkable person! Although he had a lot of patience, in and out of surgery plus his own personal life, he always found the time to call or text me to see how I was feeling. I had nerve decompression pain after the surgery, which is typical for the condition I was in, but even weeks later when I was home Dr. Huang would text me or call to see if I was improving. Having Dr. Huang as my doctor was a completely positive & healing experience from beginning to end. Somehow, he made me feel like I was his only patient & listened to my concerns.

Dr. Huang has a true gift and he changes people’s lives!! I also must compliment his entire office staff. Their kindness, patience & professionalism made the entire situation much more pleasurable. I went back to work after 7 weeks & now I am coming up on six months since surgery. All of the symptoms I had before surgery are gone, I do not have any lower back pain and I am walking straight again for the first time in four years. My wife & kids forgot how tall I was.

Thank you very much Dr. Huang, you made a difference and changed my life for the better! I may be back for the herniated discs above the fusion area.