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Raymond Discher

Randolph, NJ
  • Raymond Discher in the photo 1
  • Raymond Discher in the photo 2

I had gone through 8 knee surgeries since 2004. Through all the surgeries there was still a significant amount of pain that I would experience on a 24/7 basis. At times it would be difficult to walk and just complete daily routine activities. I was beginning to accept that this would just a permanent pain, that would always be there. I met with Dr. Gungor who recommended spinal injections, and I had a total of 6 shots. These helped a little but the relief was very temporary. After this Dr. Gungor brought up the idea of a spinal cord stimulation. I had never heard of this before. Dr. Gungor and his staff were extremely helpful in providing me with all the details and resources to see if this was a good fit for me. I decided to have the procedure done. First, there was a 3 day trial, which I think was an amazing concept. Prior to implanting a permanent device you can try it out to see if it helps. There was definitely relief for the first time. I had the device fully implanted on 4.27.17. Since the procedure I have limited my daily pain to a very manageable level. I have also hiked Mt. Killington in Vermont (4,277 ft) with no limitations or severe pain that followed. I have been able to sleep better, and my quality of life from a pain stand point has greatly improved. I am so thankful Dr. Gungor, Dr. Strickland and the whole HSS team.