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Martin Osorio

New York, NY
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I was around 6 years old at the time when I got my surgery by Dr. Widmann. What he preformed was a tibial tendon transfer on my right leg. I would love to thank everyone that was included in this surgery and without any of you I wouldn't be where I am today. Before the surgery, when I used to walk, it looked like I was limping and using only my tip toes on my right leg. I wasn't really active and was just sad I couldn't do what everyone else could do. After the surgery happened it was a long recovery time, but they did an amazing job. I wore a couple of braces for two years, but right after I started playing sports like soccer, basketball, football, and track and I never felt so much better than now. After many years passed by and I was a freshman in high school I went back to HSS to Dr. Widmann for another surgery on the same leg. I had a hammer toe. Even though it was a little thing, it changed me for the better. I'm participating in sports again and even walking feels amazing.

Another big thanks to Saleana Negron and Peyton Katz getting me back in the game. Both of them invited me to go rock climbing and I fell in love with it. It helps me out a lot. Not only did I rock climb, I also snowboarded, which I've never done but loved, and surfed as well. It's an amazing experience! I've been climbing for six months already and it also helps strengthen my right leg. Without them I would have never found my new passion and I have a membership with Brooklyn Boulders which I won with a program called the Adaptive Climbing Group, which is a community for people with disabilities to have opportunities to inclusively participate in the sport of climbing. With my story I want to inspire others that you can do anything if you put your mind to it and believe me, there will always be people like those at HSS, Saleana, Peyton, and even me that will help you and get you back in your passion or find a new one. Thank you to everyone who helped me and are still giving me opportunities.