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Linda March

New York, NY
  • Linda March in the photo 1

I had a hip replacement 20 years ago. Dr. Amar Ranawat did a revision in 2012 and I was going great. In April 2017, I fell and fractured a bone in that hip. I was in excruciating pain while it healed and in August 2017 I had another revision. It turns out the cup had come loose. Dr. Amar Ranawat did a great job once again. I could barely walk before the surgery from the pain, and I feel like he's given me my life back. It's less than 4 months later and I'm back at the gym and starting to do the things I did before. I'm so grateful to Dr. Ranawat and the staff at HSS - they care about the patients and are there for anything you need 24/7. HSS is second to none.