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Bob Ewald

Smithtown, NY
  • Bob Ewald in the photo 1

I first injured my knee in 1972 playing basketball, which resulted in a torn meniscus. In 1973, I ruptured the ACL in the same knee. Both procedures were performed by a professional football team's surgeon at the time. About 20 years later, the ACL repair wore out and it tore as well. I was active in soccer, yard work and doing my own home improvement projects. So bone on bone with no ACL was painful to say the least. In 1996, I decided to track down my classmate from grades 6 through 12, Dr. Stephen O'Brien, knowing that I'd be able to talk freely with him and be confident that I'd get the best medical care and advice. And I did.

A custom knee brace and periodic cortisone shots allowed me to keep coaching and playing soccer with my daughters for the next 20 years. Then, when it was time last August, Dr. O'Brien performed the TKR. Post surgery he referred me to a sports-minded physical therapist to help me through the rehab process. It's early December now and I'm about to start jogging again. Virtually no post-surgical pain, zero arthritic pain, and full stability for the first time in decades. As I begin my second career and look ahead a few years to retirement, I'm thrilled to have full mobility again so I can enjoy those years as much as possible. Thanks Dr. O'Brien, and thank you HSS.