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1,792 Stories From the Community

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Glenn Patchogue, NY Knee Injury/Condition
Edythe (Edie) S. Mt. Arlington, NJ

"I only look forward now, to my morning walks around the lake where I live, and most of all with quality time my nine year old granddaughter to go wherever she wants to go. "

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Spine Fusion
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Donna Brooklyn, NY Degenerative Disc Disease
Martin Hicksville, NY

"After having one of the best rated surgeons on Long Island perform my knee surgery, I went two years with further pain, especially on walking up & downstairs. Dr. Geoffrey Westrich immediately diagnosed my problem and set me up to do a revision of my knee due to the fact that the original surgery omitted the resurfacing of the patella. "

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Knee Revision Surgery
Ellen O. Bethlehem, PA

"As a 'young' candidate for a knee replacement at 40 years old in 2000, exhaustive research led me to Dr. Haas at HSS in NYC. The course of my life was forever changed by his talent as a surgeon, sharing of knowledge and most of all, compassion of a magnitude that required nothing less than me paying that same compassion forward. "

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Knee Replacement
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Linda Jersey City, NJ Hip Replacement
Brenna Frederick, MD

"Before surgery, I could not do any physical activity involving my hip. At the time I was a swimmer. Every day after practice, my teammates would have to help me out of the pool because of the pain. Even outside of practice, my hip would affect every aspect of my life. My experience at Hospital for Special Surgery was nothing but positive. Although recovery was difficult, the staff was very friendly and concerned about making the process as smooth and pain free as they possibly could. Since the surgery, my hip has become completely pain free and I am more active than ever!"

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Hip Injury/Condition
Alice Centerport, NY

"Although my surgery may be considered minor by some, neither Dr. Elliott nor HSS treated me with any less care or attention. The pride which everyone takes is palpable. "

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Ankle Injury/Condition
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Josh New York, NY Broken Leg
Ellen West Nyack, NY

"I have had three procedures at HSS in 2013/14. Dr. Bostrom did an extraordinary knee arthroscopy and I have regained full knee range minus pain. Dr. Darren Lebl replaced discs in my back and neck. I am just amazed at his skill and technique, I barely have a scar! I went in with a terrible pain in my arm and shoulder, I had a scar on my neck from previous cervical surgery, and I could scarcely believe that all these issues were resolved."

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Knee Injury/Condition
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Vikki Flushing, NY Rheumatoid Arthritis
Rose New York, NY

"Dr. Wyss is amazing! After more than 6 months of an agonizing condition which injured my hip and Sacroilliac Joint, Dr. Wyss was the first doctor to identify the source of all my pain and medical problems."

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Spinal Injection