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Michael Marselle

Staten Island, NY
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“Come into to my office guys, you gotta hear this one!”

That is what Dr. Ranawat’s staff said when I asked a question in my pre-op meeting. You see, the question I asked was, “When I can get back to gigging?” I am a weekend musician and wanted to know how long it would be before I could get back to playing my guitar at bars and restaurants after my partial knee replacement surgery. Dr. Ranawat’s pre-op team said, “As long as you don’t carry heavy equipment, you can play when you feel up to it.”

I took that as a challenge! I love playing guitar, so I was determined to get back to playing quickly. I told the HSS staff that I accept the challenge and would send them a picture from my first gig after surgery.

Dr. Ranawat, his team, and HSS did such a great job that I was back to playing my guitar in 3 days! 3 DAYS!!!! I had surgery on Monday morning, and my first gig was on Thursday. FYI, I had another gig on Saturday night. I did sit both nights, but I felt well enough to belt out a bunch of tunes those nights.

HSS, Dr. Ranawat, and his team did such a great job that my recovery was quick. And I was back doing what I love to do in no time! I was back to playing my guitar and entertaining at local bars and restaurants.

I even sent a picture to the HSS team from my first gig saying, “I told you I was determined!!”

Thanks HSS & Dr. Ranawat!

Mike Marselle