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Stacey Haynes

Montclair, NJ
  • Stacey Haynes in the photo 1
  • Stacey Haynes in the photo 2

Talk about struggling! I had been living with pain since 2013. Five years of suffering with my left hip left me in a very desolate position. I had to continue working to support my family; as an educator that meant being on my feet all day. I was constantly in great pain and needed to be heavily medicated just to get through my days. In 2017 I was involved in a car accident, which seriously changed things for me. I developed a severe limp and HAD to use a cane at work. During that time I needed a walker when I was home just to get around! Getting through the day was a nightmare and the severity of the medications I needed to take for pain were making me loopy and droopy all the time.

Miraculously right around that time I ran into an old coworker (someone I hadn't seen in ten years)! She was shocked to see me with the cane and proceeded to tell me about Dr. S. Robert Rozbruch. She'd had the surgery and you could never tell, she walked so perfectly. The rest of my story plays out beautifully. In September, I had the surgery and by October I was walking 3 miles a day. I no longer take any medications and have absolutely no pain. This surgery has completely turned my life around for the better. I live every day happy and pain-free! Thank you Dr. Rozbruch!