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Hank Berger

Oceanside, NY
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I came to Dr. Allen at 55 years old with a torn rotator cuff and labrum. I competed that year in the Masters CrossFit Games - finished top 20 in the 55-59 year old ranking in the world! I tore my triceps at the Games, which Dr. Allen repaired. I competed the following year and now my biceps are doing 375 lb deadlifts. I have always done PT with a positive mindset to be 100% again. I'm an entrepreneur and just qualified, at 61, for the National Masters Weightlifting Championships and so grateful for Dr. Allen, who made sure his surgeries were performed with my interest and outlook in mind! Recovery is not easy, but a positive mindset and attitude of gratitude can speed the process. Age is a number - we are in control of our health and destiny!