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Nadine Antopol

New York, NY

Knowing I was in need of a hip revision, I Googled, “best hip revision surgeon in NYC". The first name to pop up was Dr. Jose Rodriguez. I read up on his stellar background and stashed his name in my memory. A few days later a colleague called and mentioned that her doctor just had her hip replaced by the best surgeon. Of course, it was Dr. Rodriguez. Then, a week later, while catching up with a friend, I asked what her “kids” were up to these days. All three are in the medical profession and one just happened to be a research fellow for... Dr. Rodriguez! I said to myself that this just can’t be a coincidence. This is B’shert (which means meant to be!).... and so I called, made an appointment and quickly came to understand WHY there is a reason for the two month waiting list to see him!

Dr. Rodriguez IS the best hip (and knee) surgeon! For me, he corrected the errors incurred by another surgeon at another hospital... and then a few months later, I returned and he replaced my other hip! You will be pleased with his caring office staff and the doctors he selects to join him in the operating room as well.

Dr. Jose Rodriguez is a warm, sincere professional who is the top expert in his field. You will enjoy talking to him, learning from him and knowing you are in the best hands possible! So call now and get yourself on that wait list!