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Claire Kennedy

Stamford, CT

Not many people can say that they have a family hand surgeon, but my family can! And it's a complete coincidence. My brother was the first for a bone tumor, I was second after a car accident, and then my mother had surgery for carpal tunnel - all with Dr. Wolfe.

I wouldn't say that my story is particularly unique, but my battle scars truly show the work that Dr. Wolfe put in to make sure I not only had full use of my hand, but the confidence not to pause my life.

I was admitted to a different hospital before HSS and the bedside manner is like night and day. HSS not only treated me with respect and took my pain seriously, but pushed me to have confidence and strength in between surgeries. I was in an incredibly vulnerable state and all of the staff at HSS made me feel comfortable, safe, and strong.

My post-surgery experience was also incredible. Because of HSS's partnership with Stamford Health, I was able to have the best OT (Jen Ossenbeck) who helped me physically, emotionally, and psychologically through one of the darkest times in my life. I know that I would not have been able to return to driving, let alone lifting at the gym, had it not been for Jen & Dr. Wolfe.

I truly owe my happiness and perseverance to HSS. You pushed me not just to recover, but to thrive.