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2,544 Stories From the Community

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Meghan Bridgewater, NJ Cerebral Palsy (CP)
Lisa Lake Worth, FL

"Dr. Kelly and his team were amazing, the surgery went really well and recovery was very straight forward. I am based in Florida but I didn't feel the distance, any queries I had were quickly answered and I felt I got all the support I needed. I was back running at 4 months post op, back at soccer at 7 months and completed my first ever half marathon just under one year post op. I know that I made the right choice with Dr. Kelly and HSS."

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Hip Impingement
Stefanie Philadelphia, PA

"The staff at HSS were amazing and took excellent care of me. After rigorous physical therapy and my favorite, Active Release Therapy, I was able to slowly increase my activity levels. Now, I am running 25K trail runs, hiking the Presidential Traverse, and completing high intensity workouts. I am in better shape than I was before I even started having hip pain!"

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Hip Labral Tear
Roger Bridgewater, NJ

"This video is me finishing a 5 mile walk on New Year's Day, 2015 after total right knee replacement 8 months earlier. I was a runner for 30 years, competing in the NYC Marathon and multiple other races. My new passions are walking, biking, hiking, golf, and swimming. Thanks to the HSS and Dr. Geoffrey Westrich and his team, including Dr. Heather Struhl and Denise Palacios, for making my surgery experience both very successful and positive!"

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Knee Replacement
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Nancy Howard Beach, NY Spine Injury/Condition
Adina Edwards, CO

" I drove from Philly to NYC to see Dr Kelly in Oct. of 2008, and I knew from the minute that I met him that he was going to change my life. Dr. Kelly repaired my right hip in 2008 and my left hip in 2012. I choose not to run marathons anymore, but I mountain bike, hike, play volleyball, surf, ski and snowboard with no pain at all. I am thankful everyday that I met Dr. Kelly and his team!!!"

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Hip Injury/Condition
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Monica Great Meadows, NJ Hip Replacement
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Megan Ridgefield, CT Hamstring Injury/Condition
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Bob Mechanicsburg, PA Hip Impingement
John Dix Hills, NY

"In the winter of 2012 I suffered a fracture in the navicular bone of my left foot. Coming from an active lifestyle characterized by explosive and aggressive movements, I have experienced many broken bones. My surgeon proposed a multilayered plan of action that would attack the problem from both the mechanical and biological ends, including a titanium screw implant, bone marrow transplant, and stem cell transplant aimed at pulling the separated bone together and regenerating damaged tissue."

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Broken Foot
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Jean Wappingers Falls, NY Hip Replacement
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Carolyn New York, NY Broken Wrist