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2,556 Stories From the Community

Antonio São Paulo, Brazil

"I go down stairs, surf, ride skateboard, all of them without pain. For giving me back all my mobility without pain, I will be eternally grateful to Dr. Rozbruch. "

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Broken Ankle
Jason Rego Park, NY

"I have a history of being careless and prone to injuries. This resulted in 3 knee injuries in the past 5 years, two ACLs and a meniscus repair."

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ACL Injury
Rachel Arlington, NY

"I had very severe bunions on both feet that were inhibiting my walking and simply the ability to find shoes. Dr. Matthew Roberts was great in every respect -- professionalism, courtesy, thoroughness of information, giving, and most importantly, skill in the operating room. "

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Sarah Staten Island, NY Knee Injury/Condition
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Paulette Brooklyn, NY Spinal Stenosis
Rick Merrick, NY

"Being an ice hockey goalie for over 40 years had wreaked havoc on both of my hips, but I still wanted to continue to play. In January of 2009, I had hip resurfacing done by Dr. Geoffrey Westrich at HSS."

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Hip Resurfacing
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James New Windsor, NY Hip Resurfacing
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Laticia Jamaica, NY Bow Legs
Rita Brooklyn, NY

"After surgery with Dr. Craig, I felt another person. Thanks to Dr. Craig and to HSS, I can move my arm, do all kinds of chores, and play with my grandkids."

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Shoulder Replacement
Maurice Sunbury, PA

"As a teenage athlete, I suffered from chronic shoulder dislocations. After TWO unsuccessful Putty-Platt procedures, I dislocated during a semi-pro football game and was taken to NY Hospital's Emergency Room. After many unsuccessful attempts to reduce my shoulder, the decision was made to sedate me as the attempts were very painful. After meeting with the late Dr. John Marshall, the then NY Giants Orthopedic Physician, he decided to take me on as a patient. We discussed the new concept of Sports Medicine and I would be one of his first patients. "

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Dislocated Shoulder
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Jorge Jersey City, NJ Hip Impingement
Brenna Frederick, MD

"Before surgery, I could not do any physical activity involving my hip. At the time I was a swimmer. Every day after practice, my teammates would have to help me out of the pool because of the pain. Even outside of practice, my hip would affect every aspect of my life. My experience at Hospital for Special Surgery was nothing but positive. Although recovery was difficult, the staff was very friendly and concerned about making the process as smooth and pain free as they possibly could. Since the surgery, my hip has become completely pain free and I am more active than ever!"

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Hip Injury/Condition