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Lois Webber

Brick, NJ
  • Lois Webber in the photo 1

After developing a passion for running in my 40's, I began experiencing pain in my right hip which became constant and worsened over a period of a year or so. I first dismissed the pain as the normal "aches and pains" of being an athlete and I was determined to continue to train for a half marathon.

When the pain began to severely interfere with my daily activities, I decided to give in and visit my local orthopedic MD. After reviewing my x-rays, he reluctantly informed me that my hip joint was devoid of cartilage and that I had severe "bone-on-bone" osteoarthritis. I would need a hip replacement.

I opted for conservative treatment over the next year in the form of injections but the pain relief was only temporary. It was then after doing extensive research that I found Dr. David Mayman at HSS whom I selected because of his reputation for treating younger, active patients. We scheduled my THR surgery fairly quickly after my initial consult. I cannot say enough positive things about the hospital and the staff. Everyone from the admitting personnel, educational staff, nurses, technicians, PT's, PA's anesthesiologists and of course my wonderful surgeon were exemplary.

I was discharged after two days to my home and was able to walk a couple miles a day almost immediately and ditched my cane after a week! I completed my physical therapy as an outpatient. My recovery was quick and relatively pain-free.

I developed arthritis in the left hip as well in 2015 and underwent a left THR with Dr. Mayman with an even easier recovery! I didn't think that was possible.

Today, I regularly exercise and although I was not able to return to my rigorous running routine I have been able to stay extremely active and pain-free since my procedures. I am so thankful that I decided to go to HSS to get back in the game!