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Jack McWilliams

Rumson, NJ
  • Jack McWilliams in the photo 1
  • Jack McWilliams in the photo 2

I have always had a active lifestyle, hiking, skiing, biking and tournament tennis, but as I got into my late sixties the arthritis in my knees was so bad, I have to give up all the activities. In fact even a long day at the museum and then the subway stairs were painful! Tried all the non-surgical approaches: injections of Cortisone and Hyaluronan, multiple tries at physical therapy, and lots of rest. But nothing worked. So after extensive research and seeing 3 surgeons, I choose HSS and am so glad I did!! I had both knees replaced in March of 2016, and by September I was back on the court, riding my bike, and now, I play 4x a week, will do some doubles tournaments this summer, I took my wife to the Grand Canyon for her birthday, and hiked the South Kaibab Trail, I have NO KNEE PAIN, and even after a long day on my feet at a Museum, I am eager to take a walk in Central Park!! It was not easy, but I am very committed, and had extended and professional PT sessions after the surgery and go to gym for strength and flexibly workouts 3 times a week! But it is so worth it, I have 4 grandchildren and now can enjoy them, and do active sports with them. Thank you Doctor Della Valle and HSS!!!