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2,613 Stories From the Community

Kimberly Nutley, NJ

" I wouldn't hesitate recommending Dr. Athanasian to anyone who needs a a hand specialist!!! Dr. Athanasian is the best!!"

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Finger Injury/Condition
Lisa Brooklyn, NY

"I am 2 weeks post and am already walking without a cane. I know that the post op rehab therapy is key to my continued recovery. "

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Knee Replacement
Marsha New York, NY

"I could not remember ever feeling this way. What a difference! Superwoman. "

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Spine Injury/Condition
Michael Linden, NJ

"Reviewed Dr. Alexiades and the anterior approach he uses and decided to have him do surgery. Best thing I ever did!!! "

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Hip Replacement
Alice Centerport, NY

"Although my surgery may be considered minor by some, neither Dr. Elliott nor HSS treated me with any less care or attention. The pride which everyone takes is palpable. "

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Ankle Injury/Condition
Michael Long Valley, NJ

"5 months post surgery our son is back to being an active 9 year old boy! We cannot thank Dr. Helfet and his amazing staff enough for taking great care of Michael. "

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Broken Hip
Howard Asbury Park, NJ

"I was in extreme pain and discomfort in both hips due to advanced arthritis. My daily activities were extremely limited and sleeping was nearly impossible. This was until Dr. Mayman performed a bilateral hip replacement and got me on the road to recovery. "

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Hip Replacement
Jane New York, NY

"I'd had severe shoulder pain in my right shoulder for quite some time. Dr. Allen was totally caring, kind and just wonderful - not to mention a brilliant surgeon! "

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Shoulder Injury/Condition
Michael Queens, NY

"I met Doctor Austin T. Fragomen and he literally spent the time needed to change my mind set about the operation. I know I was difficult but he hung in there with me."

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Ankle Fusion
Michael Greenwich, CT

"I could say - "professional, sanitary, careful, responsive, graceful, esprit de corp, smiling""

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Hip Replacement
Mary Rocky Point, NY

"He told me that in 6 months I would be happy I had it done. Not so! I was happy in 6 weeks and was so scared to have it done but it was the best thing I ever did."

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Shoulder Replacement
Layla New York, NY

"If only more doctors could combine Dr. Cunningham's top of the profession skill in the operating room with his genuine concern and interest in every patient's progress!"

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