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Theron Sweet

Syracuse, NY
  • Theron Sweet in the photo 1

I am now 48 years old and I started having issues with my lower spine in college, due to disc degeneration. About ten years after college I finally required something to be done for my pain. In 2001, when we lived in CT I had a L5-S1 discectomy, which helped me through the next ten years. We then moved to Syracuse, NY and I eventually had to have a L5-S1 fusion, which involved an incredibly long painful recovery period. Within two years I then had another L3-L4 discectomy in Syracuse. However, within the year from this surgery my neuropathy in my left leg was getting worse and I had lost some of my reflexes within the same leg.

I then heard of HSS from a friend and went to see Dr. Kirschner who assisted me with my pain issues and then guided me in the direction of surgery in order to ease my pain, which seemed to escalate from the past surgery. Therefore, I originally met Dr. Lebl in 2014, and he recommended a L3-L4 discectomy. To date, I have not felt this good in ten years. I am back to doing mostly everything that I enjoy with my two young boys. The quality of life that I have gotten back is quite amazing to me and my family.

In June of 2016 I fell while at work, which caused two cervical discs to herniate between C5 and C7. At the same time, I also had some bone fragment(s), which added to the compression on the spinal chord. Dr. Lebl performed a double ACDF surgery and I immediately felt relief. I am well on my way to, what I believe has been a fairly easy recovery.

I highly recommend Dr. Lebl for not only his ability as a surgeon, but overall for his professionalism, bedside manner, and his true ability to listen and then explain what and how he can help. Along with Dr. Lebl I can not say enough about the friendliness and helpfulness of all of his office staff. They have helped me and my wife out with all things related to my surgery and overall recovery.

I really appreciate Dr. Lebl and his staff for their ability in giving me my quality of life back to where I was a decade ago. Thank you so much.