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Thomas Hamann

Hauppauge, NY

I sustained a knee injury at the age of 17 (knee into dashboard). After therapy the knee seemed fine and later in life I ran regularly and had no problems until around the age of 65 when I felt pain and tightening in the knee after walking or playing golf. I tried exercises, physical therapy and injections with poor results. The pain increased and I developed a noticeable limp. I chose Dr. Della Valle after reviewing his awards, ProPublica score card and patient reviews. His examination of my knee and discussion during my consultation convinced me that a total knee replacement was the best course of action. My meniscus was severely damaged and I had extensive arthritis (bone on bone). TKR surgery was performed on 1/6/2017 and it went very well. Dr. Della Valle and the entire surgical team, nursing and P.T. staff were excellent. I was discharged 2 days post surgery and started P.T. immediately at home. My first visit with my surgeon was 5 weeks post-op and he felt I was doing so well that I don't need to see him again until January 2018!! Thank you Dr. Della Valle and the staff at HSS ..... outstanding surgeon and hospital. Looking forward to the golf season and dancing with my darling wife.