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Lawrence "Kip" Kramer

Glen Rock, NJ

Having paid some attention in high school biology, I was aware that there were 206 bones in the human body. While I knew most of them, I learned that I neither knew of or ever heard of the Sesamoid bone in my left foot. The Sesamoid is a bone embedded in a tendon in the ball of your foot. Unfortunately, such injuries affect the bone, muscle, tendon and joint - the grand slam if you will.

While my injury was hardly dramatic, I quickly found myself in severe pain from the inflammation and swelling of the affected area quickly. Each day, things got worse and I began the search for a solution. Every single doctor proposed a surgical procedure that would "remove" the fractured bone. What was described as a "minor" incision in which the fractured bone would be removed. Several orthopedic physicians concluded that the only solution was the removal of the bone which functionally allows by big toe to move and hold the tendon in place.

While I was troubled by the concept, I am pretty compliant and actually scheduled the surgery. I had prepared myself and received clearance to proceed with the operation. Then, just a few days prior to the scheduled date, I learned about Dr. Rock and decided to make the trip into the city. Within moments of seeing Dr. Rock, I knew that something was very different. What began as a "let me just see" trip into NY, HSS turned into one of the most important moments of my life. Dr. Rock is a doctor's doctor. He is a brilliant man with a huge heart and mind. He and his wonderful staff went on to assure me that removing the bone would be a life changing mistake. He made me promise that I would cancel the procedure and then laid out a plan that would repair the fracture, WITHOUT SURGERY!

From that moment to this, I have had the greatest confidence in the care I have received. He and his staff have provided almost magical care in the healing of my foot. Sometimes we discuss what potentially would have been, had I decided to operate. Rather, I prefer to share how life changing the relationship has been. Words can not accurately express the gratitude I have for Dr. Rock and his staff. These are special people who are led by a man who loves what he does and yet remains humble and kind at every turn.

In life, it is not often that we can describe a relationship as life changing. In my case, it very much was, and everyone should know!