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Astri Delafield

New York, NY
  • Astri Delafield in the photo 1

Thanks to Dr. Rock Positano's medical acumen, he averted what could have been a painful outcome for me: a stroke or even death.

A little back story: I fell 1/1/17 and a couple of days later, I had terrible pain in my right Achilles' tendon. I made an appointment to see Dr. Positano. He look at my ankle and suggested that I get an ultra sound of the veins of my right leg which was very swollen and red.

It turned out that I had blood clots in my right leg. I was advised to go to an emergency room. I spoke to my internist and went to my local hospital’s ER. Dr. Positano and my internist discussed the results of the ultra sound. I was prescribed Xarelto and I needed a further test -- a VQ, which indicated that I had clots in my left lung.

So - what if I hadn't gone to see Dr. Positano? I am very grateful to him for spotting the problem.