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2,382 Stories From the Community

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Ron Brooklyn, NY Achilles Tendon Injury/Condition
Greg Highlandfalls, NY

"About two years ago I was diagnosed with torn rotator cuff tendons and partially torn bicep tendon in my left shoulder. I decided to get a second opinion and researched top shoulder doctors in N.Y. area. This led me to HSS and Doctor Gulotta. "

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Shoulder/Labrum Tear
Kathleen New York, NY

"I fell and broke my ankle during hurricane Irene while upstate. We were stranded by the flood and I was evacuated by Army helicopter on Monday after the storm to a local hospital where they operated on part of my ankle on Tuesday. I transferred to HSS on Friday where I met with Dr. David Helfet and his team. The first thing they said to me after reviewing my X-rays was "you need us and we will fix this.""

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Broken Ankle
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Chris East Haven, CT Spine Injury/Condition
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John Seminole, FL Hip Replacement
Emma D New York, NY

"After nearly a year of hard-to-manage pain caused particularly by the lower back disc problem, the surgery relieved the pain and within four months of the surgeries, I was back to jogging in Central Park. "

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Spine Fusion
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Jennifer Manorville, NY Hip Impingement
Allen Smithtown, NY

"Sometimes, if we are lucky in life, we cross paths with people who change our lives forever! For me, those people are Dr. Matthew Cunningham and Dr. James Wyss. I went to see Dr. Cunningham after two years of going from doctor to doctor, all in vain. I am a retired physical education teacher with a chronically bad back and many disc problems."

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Herniated Disc
Alexandra Brooklyn, NY

"After two years of severe back pain, I sought out Dr. Wyss for some pain relief. He had great bedside manner and unlike other doctors I had met with, he diagnosed the exact cause of my pain and explained the measures I should take. When the day of the first procedure came, he ensured that it went flawlessly. During the procedure, he talked through every step and it. It was successful, and he followed up immediately."

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Facet Syndrome
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Meaghan West Chester, PA Scoliosis
Theodore Stony Brook, NY

"I had been suffering with progressive spinal stenosis for several years; this initially caused pain and ultimately numbness and loss of control of my left leg. I sought help from HSS for a solution to my problem. I found a thoughtful surgical solution from Dr. Frank Cammisa. By three months I was walking half a mile, and by six months could walk all I wanted. The symptoms and disability were gone."

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Spinal Stenosis
Romano Robert New York, NY

"I saw Dr. Rozbruch at HSS. I realized he might be the answer to my problem and we scheduled the completely non-invasive procedure - left ankle distraction arthroplasty. Six months later I was walking around London not feeling any ankle joint pain. Delusional ideas of auditioning for the Sadler Wells Ballet did drift through my subconscious. Forgive me. In seven years I've not felt the old ankle joint."

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Ankle Injury/Condition