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Dolores Stoltze

Bronx, NY

Almost overnight, I started having terrible knee pain; walking and getting in and out of my car would actually bring me to tears. After consulting with Dr. McLawhorn at HSS, I decided to have my knee replaced. Dr. McLawhorn and his office staff set everything up for me and post-operatively addressed any concerns I had quickly and pleasantly. My experience at HSS was awesome! The surgical team, nursing staff, and physical therapists were an experienced group of professionals. Their employees could not do enough to help me in my recovery. I was very impressed and grateful. Making the most of physical therapy is, of course, up to the patient, but without a quality surgery to start with, I don't think the outcome would be as excellent as mine has been.

I am back to walking with my dog, doing yoga and aerobics and playing with my grandsons. In 3 months time, I am back to living my life as I knew it before the debilitating knee pain.