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Heather Blair

Millstone Township, NJ
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1 year ago today August 16, 2016: the operation that started the new improved life free of constant pain after over a year of agony.

Today August 16, 2017: who would've known I'd be on the field counseling at Bob Smith Soccer Academy standing tall, embracing my struggle and scars that came along with such pain.

Although this long journey is not over I'm still proud of the strength my tiny 2 inch scar represents. The strength to now embrace my body in all different ways, stretch marks, beauty marks, rolls of fat, and scars that came along with walking into walls to spine surgery. The strength to recover and grow from such pain. The encouragement of your own tears falling down to your feet trying to make it up that one step. The strength to be vulnerable in the darkest of times. Including catheters, bed pans, being stripped naked out of your own vomit, and the inability to shower alone, but most of all the strength to own my story and keep going. Through pain and struggle there is strength and courage. When you reach that goal you fought so hard for, there is no better feeling than that defying moment (April 9th, 2017 stepping in a game for the first time after 386 days ). Don't let anything stop you from overcoming obstacles that life throws at you, no matter how scary it might seem. (Even if you have to walk through high school with a rolling back pack and a pillow ?). You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only option you have left. Never give up. See your worth and know that your beautiful with your flaws and all ???? I couldn't have come this far without the support of my beautiful friends and family, but most certainly the one I will never be able to thank enough Dr. Han Jo Kim. #hospitalforspecialsurgery?