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Christopher Siversen

Ridgewood, NJ
  • Christopher Siversen in the photo 1
  • Christopher Siversen in the photo 2

I first starting going to HSS when a consistent pain in my elbow, due to Tennis Elbow, would not go away even after two cortisone shots and specific exercises to strengthen the area were ineffective. Under Dr. Fealy's guidance I underwent surgery and followed strict PT afterwards that did wonders. My elbow currently has full movement with no pain or discomfort. A few months later I found myself back at HSS with Dr. Rawlins for Spinal Stenosis specifically at C5-C6, C6-C7 and after the pain became unbearable even with cortisone injections in my neck, my second surgery of the year was inevitable and I was amazed at how just 5 weeks after surgery I was back at work, driving and doing most day to day activities. It is now a full 7+ months later and have no pain or lack of movement whatsoever. It was an extremely hard year and with the guidance of an incredible team at HSS I feel I absolutely made the best possible choice in choosing both Dr. Fealy and Dr. Rawlins for both their confidence they put forth and the confidence I had in them prior to surgery and how I was treated after. I highly recommend both doctors and HSS for their professionalism, talent, and best patient care I could hope for going through 2 surgeries.