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James Gordon

New York, NY
  • James Gordon in the photo 1

Over the past year my hip deteriorated to the point where I could barely walk. I could no longer sail my boat, ride my bike, or run around and play with my grandchildren. Three months ago Dr. Della Valle gave me a new hip - and he gave me back my life. I can walk for miles, I can ride my bike, I can sail, and I can play with my grandchildren. All without pain and without even feeling that I have a brand new hip. I recommend to anyone who has found their hip pain is seriously impacting their lives that they go and see Dr. Della Valle. He will give you a thorough examination, explain your options clearly and completely, tell you just what you can expect and, should you chose him for your surgeon, give you a new hip and a new life.

In addition to being an excellent surgeon, Dr. Della Valle is a warm compassionate physician. And his office staff follows in his lead. To a person they are all focused on making the process of getting a new hip as safe and stress free as possible. They respond to questions, get the information requested, and help with every step along the way.

The same is true with the entire HSS experience. They advertise that they are the best and my experience surely confirms it. From the initial course on how to deal with hip replacement, to intake, to surgery and recovery, the doctors and staff made the process as good and as safe as it could be.