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1,984 Stories From the Community

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Diane Wyckoff, NJ Hip Resurfacing
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Toby New York, NY Broken Wrist
Michael Queens, NY

"I met Doctor Austin T. Fragomen and he literally spent the time needed to change my mind set about the operation. I know I was difficult but he hung in there with me."

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Ankle Fusion
Dean Melville, NY

"I had my procedure on March 3rd, 2014 and went back to very mild weight lifting after about 6 weeks and then returned to a modified training schedule after 12 weeks. I then continued to train while "listening to my body" and returned to full strength in about 5 or 6 months. Again, paying careful attention to technique and my body. I am extremely grateful to be able to continue to train and expect to go back to competing in the very near future."

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Spine Injury/Condition
Eric Norwalk, CT

"My knee feels better than ever. I laugh when I think back to my original doctor who told me I would never play again. Dr. Warren gave me back my playing career and a huge piece of my life. I am forever grateful to that man."

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ACL Injury
Nancy A. New Canaan, CT

"Dr. Cunningham has given me a new lease on life. I will always be so grateful for the amazing care, professionalism and unheard of empathy that this brilliant Dr. Cunningham has given to me. "

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Alicia Smithtown, NY

"Prior to my surgery, I was having difficulty walking, standing straight and just doing everyday life activities. My doctor and his staff are very nice and he has bed side manners. I have told many people what a great hospital I was in and a great experience that I had there. "

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Hip Replacement
Ellen West Nyack, NY

"I have had three procedures at HSS in 2013/14. Dr. Bostrom did an extraordinary knee arthroscopy and I have regained full knee range minus pain. Dr. Darren Lebl replaced discs in my back and neck. I am just amazed at his skill and technique, I barely have a scar! I went in with a terrible pain in my arm and shoulder, I had a scar on my neck from previous cervical surgery, and I could scarcely believe that all these issues were resolved."

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Knee Injury/Condition
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Jameson Pittsburgh, PA Tommy John Surgery
Debbie Calumet City, IL

"I would like to express my gratitude to Dr. Mayman, his team and Hospital for Special Surgery for providing the best medical and nursing care I ever had. I am back at work seeing a full schedule of patients, pain free with 121 degrees of flexion in the left knee. The Oxinium knee changed my life."

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Knee Replacement
Barbara New York, NY

"I was an ardent yoga practitioner for many years and avid hiker until black ice brought me down. Not in an ashram or on a mountain but right on Fifth Avenue and 13th St. I realized what had happened -- a broken kneecap -- and that I couldn’t get up. I once thought I would never cross the street without crutches again, but now I’m back on the mountain!"

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Knee Implant
Deborah Toms River, NJ

"I had hip arthroscopy with Dr. S. Coleman for torn labrum. I had the surgery on a Tuesday evening and home in NJ at 1am. I was back to working as a physician on crutches on Monday."

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Hip Labral Tear