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Ramarra Richards

Cambria, NY

I was referred to Dr. McCarthy after seeing several other doctors that were either incapable or unwilling to perform my surgery. I came to her with torn ACLs and meniscus damage in both knees, barely able to walk by myself, and wearing braces to stabilize both knees. After thoroughly examining me, Dr. McCarthy presented me with a plan of action to take care of both knees and I was scheduled for ACL reconstruction and meniscus repair for my right knee before leaving her office that day. Seeing that this was my surgery, I was very nervous. However, the amount of information that Dr. McCarthy and her PA, Tom H., gave me about everything concerning my surgery gave me confidence that everything would go well. She successfully performed my first surgery on 11/17/2017 and my second surgery three months later on 3/9/2018. After my surgeries Dr. McCarthy and Tom H. made sure to follow up and answer any questions or concerns me or my husband had. Today I am currently walking with no assistance and getting around with ease. All I can say is that I truly appreciate Dr. McCarthy and HSS for getting me back to being myself again.