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Justin Burns

Smithtown, NY
  • Justin Burns in the photo 1

I tore my ACL during an Ultimate Frisbee match. When I was diagnosed I was devastated that I wouldn't be able to fully compete for 2 years if I underwent traditional surgery.

Dr. DiFelice repaired my grandmother's shoulder and she made a 100% recovery with no problems 7 years later and I knew he did knee surgery too. When I heard he created an ACL repair technique that significantly reduces the recovery time without having to reconstruct it, I knew I had consult to see if I was eligible for the surgery.

Luckily I was eligible and underwent the surgery. I only used pain medicine for 3 days and started walking after a day. I went back to competing in Ultimate Frisbee fully recovered in 7 months and I don't even think about my knee while playing! A year after surgery, I hiked over 40 miles in Yosemite National Park with no pain in my knee.

I can't thank Dr. DiFelice enough!