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Carrie Campbell

Jersey City, NJ

My name is Carrie Campbell, owner of Positively Pilates and Lead Teacher Trainer for Core Pilates NYC. Two months ago, I was hiking in upstate NY, fell backwards and broke my wrist. A physician in Catskill, NY saw my x-ray, cringed, and told me that my best course of action was to go to NYC and get this looked at properly. I chose HSS because they have a reputation of being the best of the best and since my livelihood depended on my wrist healing properly, I didn’t want anything but the best. Dr. Daluiski explained in great detail about how complicated my fracture was and why surgery was my best option. He also promised me I would be back to doing planks 6-8 weeks post-op. I promised him that I would hold him to his promise. Thanks to Dr. Daluiski and the amazing team of nurses and physical therapists at HSS, I am Back in the Game! This is me 8 weeks post-op doing the Pilates Long Stretch Series on the Reformer!