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Alexis Hios

Rye, NY
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I recently graduated from Towson University in Maryland where I received a degree in Mass Communications and played Division I Golf and I am now pursuing a professional career in golf. A golfers hands are super important and the unique movements that the hands and wrist make throughout the golf swing are very hard to maneuver when there is a Ganglion cyst sitting on a nerve in your left hand.

My hand and fingers would go numb during my golf swing, causing my left hand to lose grip of my golf club. I went to see Dr. Scott Wolfe, where we decided to try a cortisone injection that would allow some relief. When I finished my Summer season my wrist was still bothering me, and that is when we decided that the cyst and nerve needed to be removed. It has been 5 months since my surgery and thankfully, I am pain-free! I have picked up more yardage and club head speed in my golf swing since the surgery. I am looking forward to getting back to playing competitive golf and starting my journey towards a professional career. Thank you Dr. Wolfe and Sarah Giacalone, my amazing hand therapist!