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Robert Lynchburg, VA

"In March of 2011, I went to HSS and met Dr. Mathias Bostrom, who in my opinion, created a miracle when he operated on my right knee. I am now able to walk and stand on my leg without pain like before. I will always be indebted to him and have him in my prayers."

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leg Image Knee Injury/Condition
Ann New York, NY

"I had my left hip revised in November, and my right hip revised for a different reason in February. Both were complicated procedures that most orthopedic surgeons could not have done. Dr. Mathias Bostrom did both surgeries and both were extremely successful (life changing for me)."

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hip Image Hip Revision Surgery
Theodore Stony Brook, NY

"I had been suffering with progressive spinal stenosis for several years; this initially caused pain and ultimately numbness and loss of control of my left leg. I sought help from HSS for a solution to my problem. I found a thoughtful surgical solution from Dr. Frank Cammisa. By three months I was walking half a mile, and by six months could walk all I wanted. The symptoms and disability were gone."

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spine Image Spinal Stenosis
Sandra New York, NY

"I had two knee replacements, one each stay, at HSS. I was pain-free thanks to intravenous pain medication. This greatly helped my frame of mind stay positive. "

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knee Image Knee Replacement
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Herman Pelham, NY leg Image Leg Injury/Condition
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Todd Fort Lee, NJ hip Image Hip Replacement
Nancy A. New Canaan, CT

"Dr. Cunningham has given me a new lease on life. I will always be so grateful for the amazing care, professionalism and unheard of empathy that this brilliant Dr. Cunningham has given to me. "

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spine Image Scoliosis
Annette Marco Island, FL

"For the past several years I had been in a lot of pain and discomfort with my feet. I developed bunions early on in my 20's. Up to that point I put up with the discomfort only to realize that it was affecting every part of my body. The staff at HSS, from the receptionist to the nurses and anesthesiologist, and Dr. Elliott himself and everyone who worked in the same- day surgery unit, made me feel safe and very comfortable up and until the time of surgery . I was given undivided attention even afterward. My pain was managed so efficiently, I went home that day."

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foot Image Bunion
Nancy Hackettstown, NJ

"In order to keep my appointments I take a two hour train ride and then two subways uptown. Sometimes I spend more time traveling than seeing the doctor, but I feel it is a good time investment and don’t mind at all. And since I became a grandma for the first time in September, I need my joints and body to function properly to keep up with her!"

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spine Image Spine Injury/Condition
Alicia Smithtown, NY

"Prior to my surgery, I was having difficulty walking, standing straight and just doing everyday life activities. My doctor and his staff are very nice and he has bed side manners. I have told many people what a great hospital I was in and a great experience that I had there. "

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hip Image Hip Replacement
Becca Albany, NY

"At age 18, I had a double hip procedure performed in order to repair labral tears and enable me to have more motion within my hip joints. I never thought I would be able to dance again. I am now 20 years old, and a member of my college dance team, part of two dance companies, and pain free- I could not be happier!"

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hip Image Hip Labral Tear
Nancy Farmingdale, NJ

"While I am still on the mend I am glad I selected Dr. Cammisa out of the five doctors I saw elsewhere. "

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spine Image Spine Fusion