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William Hilson

New Canaan, CT
  • William Hilson in the photo 1
  • William Hilson in the photo 2

My family, for three generations, has had an excellent relationship and numerous success stories involving HSS. After years of an ever-worsening shoulder condition, I knew it was time to consult the professionals, and David Altchek MD was at the top of everyone's list for shoulder evaluations and repairs. I was sure I would need some "cleaning up" of some bone spurs, but I was surprised to hear I would need Total Shoulder Replacement.

In discussions with Dr. Altchek and the medical team, I asked about recovery time -- there was an important (to me) national rally for my motorcycle club coming up in the summer and I wanted to know if I could count on being able to attend and ride some of the more legendary and challenging roads in Tennessee, North Carolina, and West Virginia. Dr. Altchek was ever confident that, barring some unforeseen complication, I should be able to make this event.

Less than six months later, I was gleefully storming some of the most spectacular roadways in the world: the famous (and infamous) Tail of the Dragon near Deal's gap, North Carolina (9318 curves in 11 miles), the fabled US 421 a.k.a. "The Snake" in northeast Tennessee (489 curves in 33 miles), the glorious Cherohala Skyway slicing through the Cherokee and Nantahala National Forests. This was a week of major "life list" events and some of the most challenging and rewarding motorcycling imaginable.

"Back In The Game"?? I would say so!! I can not imagine a better outcome. To Dr. Altchek and the entire team at HSS I say, "THANK YOU!!" I think I will be riding like this for at least another 20 years -- at least I hope so!