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Hervé Duteil

New York, NY
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Accidents can be a blessing if all we go through is mostly fear, spared from pain and long-term physical damages; and surely, for those of us who required orthopedic surgery, how blessed have we been to receive our medical care at HSS! The level of expertise and care is beyond imagination. Entering the surgery block is like entering a Sci-Fi movie and actually a truly enjoyable experience. The nurse in the recovery room was the best ever. I subsequently saw countless doctors, fellows, and nurses during my stay as I needed to be closely monitored. Best of all, Dr. Helfet is an artist. This was my second knee/tibial plateau surgery, and while it was not the purpose of it, I was even surprised to see how greatly Dr. Helfet revised my original scar. Full recovery was seamless and very fast. How privileged are we to have access to the best orthopedic hospital in the world! May we never need orthopedic surgery again but if we have to, may it be there!

November 29, 2023:

This narrative recounts my fourth knee surgery, the third at HSS. A decade ago, I sought care at HSS following a tibial plateau fracture operated on in the Alps. Dr. Helfet oversaw my recovery and later performed hardware removal on my severely osteoporotic bone. Unfortunately, eight years later, I broke the same knee again in the Alps. Without hesitation, I flew back to New York, confident beyond any doubt that HSS would provide unparalleled orthopedic care.

In an incredible three-hour surgery, Dr. Helfet reconstructed my shattered knee cap into no fewer than 20 pieces. Eleven months later, after a flawless recovery, Dr. Helfet and I decided to remove the 10 screws and plate. Once again, he successfully navigated surgery on my genetically fragile bone.

It's somewhat unsettling to admit that the level of care, compassion, expertise, and perfection at HSS is so extraordinary that when facing a third surgery, and fear has by then dissipated, one is comforted to come back to the HSS family.

Naturally, I aspire to avoid any more bone fractures or medical needs for the rest of my life, but Dr. Helfet and his team's unparalleled skills and humanity have always created a truly memorable experience for which I will remain grateful for a lifetime.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!