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Linda Copeland

New York, NY
  • Linda Copeland in the photo 1

After having x-rays and being told I needed total shoulder replacement surgery, I did some research and found out that HSS was the ideal place to have this type of surgery. I also was directed to shoulder specialists, and Dr. Edward Craig came highly recommended. I sent his office my x-rays and was contacted to make an appointment. Dr. Craig was very supportive regarding my concerns and explained my options. I chose to have the procedure done and his office sent me several packets of information to guide me through the necessary steps. I met with Dr. Craig and the anesthesiologist before the surgery and was reassured about the procedure. My family was kept updated, and everything went smoothly. I received exceptional care at HSS from all the doctors, nurses, and staff. HSS is a state of the art facility. When I went home and began physical therapy, I was told on my first visit, that I had an exceptional surgeon because my shoulder moved smoothly, and without any complications. I was repeatedly told that "I did my homework" with regard to choosing a physician and hospital for my procedure. I can't praise Dr. Craig and HSS enough. I am completely recovered and would not hesitate to seek care at HSS if I needed another surgery.