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2,152 Stories From the Community

Adina Edwards, CO

" I drove from Philly to NYC to see Dr Kelly in Oct. of 2008, and I knew from the minute that I met him that he was going to change my life. Dr. Kelly repaired my right hip in 2008 and my left hip in 2012. I choose not to run marathons anymore, but I mountain bike, hike, play volleyball, surf, ski and snowboard with no pain at all. I am thankful everyday that I met Dr. Kelly and his team!!!"

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Hip Injury/Condition
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Robyn Nutley, NJ Hip Replacement
Vincent Verona, NJ

"In 1998, I was diagnosed with Avascular Necrosis of the right hip. Being 36 years old at the time this was a devastating bit of news when I was told nothing could be done at that point other than a total hip replacement. I am almost 12 years post op right now and thanks to him and your fantastic hospital resumed my life as if nothing happened. I am able to do many of the same activities as I had before the surgery."

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Avascular Necrosis
Rachel Arlington, NY

"I had very severe bunions on both feet that were inhibiting my walking and simply the ability to find shoes. Dr. Matthew Roberts was great in every respect -- professionalism, courtesy, thoroughness of information, giving, and most importantly, skill in the operating room. "

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Roree Honokaa, HI Shoulder Injury/Condition
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Brandon North Bergen, NJ Broken Hand
Claudia B. New York, NY

"I consider Dr. Semih Gungor to be one of my special "angels". He is so thorough, compassionate, kind, considerate, and gentle. I hold other doctors to his high standard. He doesn't give up and continues to try all possibilities. I get great pleasure in referring him to others as I know he will do everything possible to relieve their pain. A special person and truly what a doctor epitomizes."

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Pain Management
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Christina New York, NY Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS)
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Ron Brooklyn, NY Achilles Tendon Injury/Condition
Mary Rocky Point, NY

"He told me that in 6 months I would be happy I had it done. Not so! I was happy in 6 weeks and was so scared to have it done but it was the best thing I ever did."

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Shoulder Replacement
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Chris East Haven, CT Spine Injury/Condition
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Diane Richboro, PA Knee Revision Surgery