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Jordan Stier

East Meadow, NY
  • Jordan Stier in the photo 1
  • Jordan Stier in the photo 2

At 8 years old, my son completely tore his ACL & meniscus on a trampoline at a trampoline park. It was difficult finding a surgeon due to the fact that he was still growing. Our local orthopedist referred us to Philly or Boston. After some research, we found HSS. Being it is a rare childhood injury, we learned that both a pediatric orthopedist and a sports orthopedic surgeon would perform the growth plate sparing repair surgery. To our knowledge, the surgery was only in existence for 3 years at the time of the surgery back in 2015. All of the care received at HSS has always been excellent. Dr. Cordasco’s PA and Athletic Trainer were very hands on and informative. It was pretty traumatic to experience this with an 8 year old. After months of physical therapy, my son returned to his normal routines. Since receiving the all clear from the team, he has taken surfing lessons, hiked, gone bike riding, plays golf, plays tennis and swims. There are no limitations. Additionally, the growth plate is in tact and he continues to grow as expected. HSS helped us get through the process. Dr. Cordasco and his office communicate with our local PT center. They trained the staff at the PT center about the special needs of a pediatric ACL surgery patient. I highly recommend Dr. Cordasco, Dr. Green and the fabulous professionals that made up our team.