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Seth Niessen

Scotch Plains, NJ
  • Seth Niessen in the photo 1

I knew my knee was not right after a collision playing basketball. I thought it was a bruise and not the devastating ACL tear. An ACL tear requires reconstruction surgery and a long rehabilitation period. My days of playing basketball and catch with my boys would be over, which was not what I wanted. After my initial diagnosis, an ACL tear, I was told that I needed reconstruction surgery. A friend referred me to Dr. DiFelice. He is the pioneer of ACL repair surgery, a technique that most surgeons do not perform. They perform the gold standard, which is ACL reconstruction. I was informed that “IF” I was a candidate for the repair, my recovery would be much quicker and I would get back in the game sooner. After a consultation, I was told that I was a candidate. After successful surgery (April 2018), I was walking immediately and began running 4 weeks later.

Totally amazing! I am progressing every day and will be back in the game.

Thank you Dr. DiFelice and staff. You truly are incredible!!!