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Marc Rosenkrantz

Wayne, NJ
  • Marc Rosenkrantz in the photo 1
  • Marc Rosenkrantz in the photo 2

I had been suffering with a very arthritic ankle, bone on bone, and knew it was time to get it fixed as it began to impact other joints. I’ve always been very active skiing and mountain biking and had no intention of stopping, so surgery it was. Dr O’Malley and his staff were excellent. Like any surgery the first 8 to 10 days stink but I began PT ASAP and after 6 weeks it felt great. I was then able to convince the doctor to take away the boot and begin activities. At week 7, I went to Arizona where I mountain biked and played 18 holes. While I’m still rehabbing, as I need to retrain my muscles to walk properly, I couldn’t be happier and highly recommend Dr. O. and HSS, as life is too short not to be back in the game!!