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2,129 Stories From the Community

Ross Somerville, MA

"After having two arthroscopic hip surgeries with Dr. Bryan Kelly, I've not only returned to my normal level of activity, but I've improved. More importantly, I am pain free. "

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Hip Injury/Condition
Nancy Massapequa Park, NY

"After having had a right hip replacement in Long Island that went awry and after having been on Oxycontin for 14 months with no help from my surgeon, I finally went to see Dr. Della Valle at HSS. He diagnosed my condition in about 2 minutes and I had the surgery August 31, 2011. "

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Hip Revision Surgery
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Arthur Millburn, NJ Spine Laminectomy
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Kim Charlotte, NC Hip Replacement
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Zeina Lebanon, Beirut Hip Revision Surgery
Rose New York, NY

"Dr. Wyss is amazing! After more than 6 months of an agonizing condition which injured my hip and Sacroilliac Joint, Dr. Wyss was the first doctor to identify the source of all my pain and medical problems."

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Spinal Injection
Paul J. Spring Lake, NJ

"Now I am pain free and back to enjoying my usual daily activities, such as fishing and biking. I am very thankful for Dr. DiFelice and the staff at HSS."

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Hip Replacement
Ann L. New York, NY

"I recovered from the operation quickly and easily. I am now free of back pain, able to walk without inhibition and looking forward to the moment at the end of the month when I can once again bend over and touch my toes – or, more usefully, tie my shoelaces."

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Spine Laminectomy
Robert N Manhasset, NY

"I have been a patient at HSS since 1977. HSS is the only hospital I would ever consider for orthopedic care or surgery for myself, family and those I do refer. I have always been extremely satisfied with every doctor I have visited and in my case they have been numerous over the years."

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Elbow Injury/Condition
Dean Melville, NY

"I had my procedure on March 3rd, 2014 and went back to very mild weight lifting after about 6 weeks and then returned to a modified training schedule after 12 weeks. I then continued to train while "listening to my body" and returned to full strength in about 5 or 6 months. Again, paying careful attention to technique and my body. I am extremely grateful to be able to continue to train and expect to go back to competing in the very near future."

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Spine Injury/Condition
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Karen Bronx, NY Hip Labral Tear
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Dani New York, NY Hip Labral Tear