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Orsola Dennie-Kretzschmar

Matawan, NJ
  • Orsola Dennie-Kretzschmar in the photo 1

Sometime in the early 2000's, pain started in my shoulders and progressed slowly. When the pain started to impair my life (driving mostly), I decided it was time to see what was going on. I discussed it with my doctor and was given exercises to do. The pain worsened. A few years later I was having difficulty dressing myself, combing, washing my hair or even scratching my head. Worried about what was happening to me I went to a rheumatologist. He tried a few things and the pain worsened. He told me he could do nothing else and I needed both shoulders replaced. "Sure," I said to myself. I plodded along wasting more time. I went to a different rheumatologist, who told me the same thing and referred me to HSS. He advised me that if I decided to do this, I should have it done at HSS. I procrastinated some more. My husband called HSS to find a doctor who would do the replacement. He read about Dr. Taylor and picked him, made an appointment, and I went to see him for an evaluation. He told me I could do one of two things: have the operation or live like I was. More procrastination. My family and friends urged me to have at least one shoulder done so I bit the bullet. The staff at HSS and in Dr. Samuel Taylor's office are amazing. The care was amazing. In Sept. 2017 Dr. Taylor replaced my right shoulder. Oh my, how my life changed. I could move again. I underwent physical therapy for 3 months. After, I called Dr. Taylor and pleaded with him to do the left shoulder. He said I had to wait until 5 months passed. In April 2018 I had shoulder number 2 done. He had to do a reverse replacement on that shoulder as it was worse that the right. When I reached for the shampoo to wash my hair, I said a little prayer for Samuel Taylor and all the people around him. I thank God that he gave us someone like Sam Taylor and HSS. Sure I have some muscle pain, but who cares. I can reach for the sky now and I do, lots. Thank You Samuel Taylor (I like to refer to him as Sammy), the staff at HSS, my family and friends and especially my honey!