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Windy Johnson

Brooklyn, NY
  • Windy Johnson in the photo 1
  • Windy Johnson in the photo 2

August 11, 2017 started out as a day like any other. My husband and I took our daughters to the beach. After 4 hours of fun in the sun we were getting ready to leave. My youngest daughter and I were running in soft sand and I don't know what happened, but all of a sudden I was down writhing in pain. In dramatic fashion, I left the beach in an ambulance. Misdiagnosed for nearly four weeks, I continued commuting to work and home everyday on the MTA. My left leg was swollen, stiff, black and blue from the top of my foot to six inches above my knee, back and front. After finally having an MRI, the results were devastating. I shredded my ACL, tore my LCL and ruptured my biceps femoris muscle. The first opinion I got didn't quite sit right. That night in an effort to obtain a second opinion, I hopped online. I knew HSS was THE place to go but I didn't know how to find a doctor so I completed a web form inquiry. At just after 9 the next morning, I received a call from HSS recommending Dr. Moira McCarthy and my appointment was scheduled within a few days. Upon meeting her, I knew immediately that I had found my surgeon! Dr. McCarthy put me back together after five plus hours of reconstructive surgery. The location of the damage to my knee necessitated temporary nerve relocation, which Dr. Duretti Fufa expertly handled.

It is now 13 months later and I have an active and pain-free life back. HSS is a world class hospital. Dr. Moira McCarthy is a master of her craft, her PA, Tom Higginbotham, is second to none and their support staff are superb. Thank you for getting me back in the game!