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31 Hockey Stories

Hockey moves extremely fast, requiring speed, endurance, and balance from players. Concussions, broken bones, and torn ligaments are not uncommon injuries. Read how the players below body checked their injuries and got back into their game of life.

Rick Merrick, NY

"Being an ice hockey goalie for over 40 years had wreaked havoc on both of my hips, but I still wanted to continue to play. In January of 2009, I had hip resurfacing done by Dr. Geoffrey Westrich at HSS."

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Hip Resurfacing
Lisa Lake Worth, FL

"Dr. Kelly and his team were amazing, the surgery went really well and recovery was very straight forward. I am based in Florida but I didn't feel the distance, any queries I had were quickly answered and I felt I got all the support I needed. I was back running at 4 months post op, back at soccer at 7 months and completed my first ever half marathon just under one year post op. I know that I made the right choice with Dr. Kelly and HSS."

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Hip Impingement
Vincent Monroe, NJ

"My son Vincent was always a very competitive soccer player, and about 7 yrs old he started complaining of ankle pain. I researched high and low and I was not going to let my son be crippled and in pain . I found Dr Scher at the Hospital for Special Surgery and he worked wonders on my son! He recommended surgery, and while I was afraid , I put my trust in Dr. Scher. Vincent was 10 when he had the first foot done. We prepared for Vincent to be in pain and off his feet for 12 weeks. To our amazement his cast came off in 2 weeks and 2 days later my son was walking!! "

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Foot Injury/Condition
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Dani New York, NY Hip Labral Tear
Daniel T. Babylon, NY

"Since my total hip replacement I have gone skiing, played ice hockey, surfed, and I just returned from a hiking and fishing expedition in Olympic Park. None of these activities had been possible prior to my surgery, but now I enjoy them all with absolutely no pain."

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Hip Replacement
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Joseph Boston, MA Hip Labral Tear
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Emerson Port Hope, ON, Canada Hip Labral Tear