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Lauryn Sonnenberg

Rockaway, NJ

I have been an athlete all of my life. At the age of 15, I started experiencing excruciating pain in my left knee and groin area after practices for softball and field hockey. My mom, who is an O.R. nurse, took me to see an orthopedist that specializes in knee and hip issues. After seeing my x-rays, my mom knew that my problem was serious. I was recommended to several “super specialized” specialists in NYC. There was no decision to be made as the name HSS was all that my parents needed to hear. This was when I met Dr. Robert Buly. He arranged for several tests including an adjunct to MRI that was not readily available elsewhere. I was terrified that I would be facing the end of my athletic career. Dr. Buly treated me with kid gloves, understanding fully what my fears were, speaking to me and not around me and fully explaining my diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation schedule. He and Elaine Caldwell-Krumins, his nurse, treated me with respect and compassion and always allowed me as much time as needed to ask questions during my visits. I will never forget the crayon drawings that he did on my x-rays as he explained my defect and its correction. My surgery was going to be a big ordeal and the road ahead would be a difficult one. I had complete faith in Dr. Buly as I had read that his approach to my complete congenital hip dysplasia and torn labrum was one that only a small handful of surgeons in the world even performed. My surgery lasted 7 1/2 hours and I was discharged on my third postoperative day.

I was referred to an amazing physical therapist with whom I worked for six months. My recovery was faster than anticipated and I was back on the field in no time. My career was far from over. Many colleges and universities have shown interest in recruiting me for both softball and field hockey. I am so grateful to Dr. Buly and his entire team and in September I will be a freshman at TCNJ as a member of their softball team. If not for my excellent care this dream would not have become my reality.

Lauryn Sonnenberg