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Brendan and John Riley

West Point, NY

I am writing about my two boys who both experienced the same injury/condition. They are hockey players who have been playing since they were 3 years old. John's hip area had been hurting for years and doctor after doctor could not come up with anything but he plays too much and needs to rest. It was the year John started to play Division 1 hockey is when it got to be to much. The same year, Brendan experienced the same issues. He was attending a prep school in New Hampshire for hockey. We were referred to Dr. Kelly. It did not take long to diagnose the boys. Surgery was preformed and with hard work to get back in shape, it has made a world of difference in their play. They are stronger, faster, and their strides are much longer. Both boys were back playing that summer and have had great seasons. John is a red shirt sophomore at Mercyhurst University, where he has received several Player of the Week and Player of the Month awards form his league and National Player of the Month this past season. His team is currently playing in the Final 4 for his league this weekend. Brendan had a great year as a senior at Kimball Union Academy. His team finished in first and went undefeated. Both the boys greatly contributed to their teams success. Being a proud mom of their hard work and accomplishments, I am also grateful to Dr. Kelly and his incredible staff for taking care of my boys. The experience was of course stressful as is any surgery, but the information, care and assistance we received during this time can not be measured. The boys are able to live out their dreams playing Division 1 hockey because of them. Both my boys wear the number 3 in honor of their grandfather, the 1960 Olympic Hockey Coach, and now are able to carry on the family hockey tradition.