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Steven Richman

New York, NY
  • Steven Richman in the photo 1

I tore my ACL and MCL on my right knee skiing in Utah in December 2019. When I arrived at HSS in early January 2020 to have scans done, my ankle was quite swollen from the fluid buildup and my leg pain often had me awake at night.

At that point, especially since I was 60 years old, I fully expected to need surgery, with a long recovery period, and to be told that I would not be able to ski again.

Dr. Gregory DiFelice met with me, explained the extent of my injury, but felt that I should start physical therapy (PT) and see if I could progress without surgery. Over a two-month period involving a lot of PT, I healed completely and was free to return to my full range of activities.  I’m especially looking forward to returning to Utah this December – totally cleared to ski with my family on our annual ski trip!

I’m really pleased with the attention and care I received from Dr. DiFelice and Robert O’Brien, his physician assistant, and so happy to be back skiing.