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Steven Link

Lake Hiawatha, NJ
  • Steven Link in the photo 1

I am writing on behalf of my Uncle Steven. My uncle was told by other physicians that he would be confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his life after the hardware had failed from a traumatic injury he suffered a 8 years back.

No one would operate on him because of his medical conditions and disabilities. Our family was told that even anesthesia would be a problem for him and another reason why nothing could be done.

Our family started to feel helpless as we noticed his condition was getting worse and his quality of life was fading fast. We had not seen him smile in a long time because he was confined to a wheel chair and basic every day tasks were a struggle. We felt the answers we were given by other surgeons were unacceptable and we needed to get our uncles quality of life back fast.

So, we went to see the Limb Lengthening Team at HSS and Dr. Rozbruch agreed to take on Steven's case. Our uncle and entire family were so happy to know that he would be treated by some one of Dr. Rozbruch's caliber.

At the initial consult Dr. Rozbruch took his time with Steven and explained to him what needed to be done to get him out of that wheelchair. Dr. Rozbruch explained that Steven needed to have the hardware removed from his hip and a hip replacement.

Dr. Rozbruch took on the case that no one else would do. My uncle's case. What we seemed to be unattainable is now reality. Our uncle has his quality of life back and his smile back. He's walking again helping his mother around the house and spending time with his nephews doing activities outside.

The Napolitano and Link families are very grateful for what Dr. Rozbruch and his team have done for our uncle. We can't thank you enough for giving us our uncle back!

-The Napolitano's and Link's