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Seymour Goldstein

Plainview, NY
  • Seymour Goldstein in the photo 1
  • Seymour Goldstein in the photo 2

I injured my left knee playing basketball at the age of 27. Within a year I had cartilage and meniscus surgery. I continued playing both basketball and tennis and at 40 I required a second cartilage operation on my left knee. I gave up basketball and focused on tennis. I was also a gym rat and spent a lot of time there, giving myself the best chance of playing competitive tennis. My left knee continued to deteriorate and I wore a large, doctor prescribed, brace which allowed me to continue to play tennis at a fairly high level. By this time even though I could play I had difficulty walking for more than a block. My balance suffered. When I was told I would need knee replacements on both knees I refused to accept it. Eventually Dr. Delle Valle did replace both my knees at the same time on November 16, 2010. I was 67 years old. Within 3 and a half months I was back on the court and now almost 5 years later I play doubles 3 times a week. My movement is excellent. I also work out at the gym every day.