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Roni Chastain

Glen Cove, NY
  • Roni Chastain in the photo 1

Dr. Boettner was referred to me and I had a great experience! I took pain meds on a daily basis before the surgery. I had 2 treatments with gel, and 2 cortisone injections. It was time to have the surgery. I had no cartilage in both knees and I opted for a bilateral knee replacement. I was a visiting nurse and took care of many patients with knee replacement so I knew what to expect. I wanted one surgery and one recovery.

After the surgery I went to rehab for 12 days then home. I had PT at home for 2 weeks and then went to out patient rehab. Rehab is so important. When I was finished with rehab, I took a water exercise class, and spin classes.

I have no regrets about having both knees done at the same time. I am a photographer, very active, walk, spin and exercise regularly. I have no pain at all. 6 months after my surgery, I sent Dr. Boettner a photo of me climbing under an abandoned train to photograph it.

I would definitely do it again! Thanks so much to Dr. Boettner for his excellent care!